February 12, 2016

Alice and I set off early one Friday morning to find the latest trends for 2016 at the Minneapolis Mart! Our goal for the Shops at 509 is to be a one stop shop for our customers and are able to find something new everytime you shop! From baby, jewelry, barware, clothing, to home decor and best not forget that yummy cup of coffee to enjoy while you shop! 

Color &Style TRENDS

Grey is everywhere and remains to be that perfect neutral color, with pops of blue and coral. Rustic raw elements such as wood, marble and metals are seen from home decor to jewelry. One of my personal favorite trends is gold is making a big statement this year in jewelry and purses! The Boho style with lots fringe is what we saw alot of when it comes to clothing and purses. Now ladies get excited because comfort is the key trend when it comes to clothing this year! Longer tops and fun layering pieces paired with leggings are the thing from your typical black leggings to athletic wear legging with bold patterns! 



This new athletic wear line of Niki Biki makes you WANT to MOVE! Its bold and energizing styles are designed to support, shape and enhance the body, while providing maximum comfort and results! This line is a must-have for 2016, but don't forget about the Niki Biki Seamless Wear which offers the signature basics for all body types. Even perfect for maternity, not that I'm getting baby fever or anything. 


Amy Louise JEWELRY 

We cannot wait for this new jewelry line to be shipped! Amy Louise is an artist and a designer who sees the beauty in simplicity and rustic elements. This line uses time-worn, textural and earthy elements that feel comfortable to wear. Many of her pieces can be layered to give your own unique sense of style. Alice and I were ooing and awing over the unique earrings, bracelets and necklaces we have no doubt that this is going to be a crowd pleaser. 



River & Ridge is another jewelry line we found that was very eye catching! A different look from the Amy Louise line because it offers more gold yet similar because of its nature elements. I'm excited to introduce the River & Ridge line because of its unique stones and simplicity.


rareESSENCE aromatherapy 

Essential oils you need in your life, and we have picked the top blends that are easy to use and we can tell you how. We have blends for headaches, colds and congestion, sleep, concentration, stress, sore muscles and the list goes on and on. What we like best about these essential oil blends are designed by Certified Aromatherapists, and are blended specifically to take advantage of the dynamic plant energy inherent in each oil. These blends can be used in various ways; diffusers, in the bath, inhalation and some cases, topically. Each blend has instructions for usage so you can breathe deep and be well. The quality of these oils is 100% pure, safe, and synthetic-free. We also got our top favorites in handy inhalers that fit in a pocket or purse so you can have it with you when you need it most! 


HAND!SPA  Age Complex


Dry, cracked and wrinkly hands? We found a super-moisturizing anti-aging hand care line that is highly effective that will leave your hands looking rejuvenated and feel smoother and velvety soft. There are 5 steps to this complete line:

1. Micro Peel revitalizing peel that leaves skin refined, clear and visibly smoother. 

2. Vital Serum highly concentrated serum with vitamin complex and Royal Jelly protects hands from harsh environmental influences and improves skin's structure.

3. Cream Rich moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid that will enhance the skin's elasticity.

4. Silky Gloves is an invisible glove that protects the hands and seals in the moisture, and you can wash your hands up to 10 times!

5. Cream Royal moisturizer for the especially dry, rough hands. 


What I love most about this hand line is that it does NOT leave your hands feeling greasy like so many do! This is a must have in my book, and we may even be expanding on the foot line as well just in time for flip flop season! 


Matchia Green Tea 



Matcha Green Tea is the highest quality powdered green tea available, it is high in antixidants such as catechins. It calms and relaxes without causing you to become drowsy, boosts memory and concentration, increases energy and endurance, burns calories by increasing metabolism, fortifies the immune system, and the flavor and taste is crisp. Unleash your inner warrior with this blend of organic matcha green tea powder and nutrient-dense chia seeds.




So many finds at market it's hard to write just one blog about our stay tuned! 

-Ellen Tuel 






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