4 Tips To Enhance Your Fitness Goals

February 19, 2016

Every year I start off by saying I'm going to be healthier by eating better and being more active. I find myself slipping after about a week, pretty pathetic. This year I have found some great products and tips to help me keep my goals, and hope they can help you too!


Tip #1: Spice up your water with the Get Active Tea.

Start your day off right with Get Active Tea by Republic of Tea this smooth and aromatic all natural tea increases energy and stamina while keeping all our systems in balance during and after exercise. The tea contains organic green rooibos, sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. Green rooibos retains more of its antioxidant value up to 80 mg per 6 oz cup compared to 32 mg in green tea. This Get Active Tea is one out of 3 we carry in the store, and each blend is designed for specific results it's great hot or iced and has an orange vanilla taste. 


Slip a tea bag or 2 in your sports water bottle  with ice and enjoy while you work out, or a nice hot cup in the morning to kick start your day! We all know we are supposed to at least 8 glasses of water, but if your like me it's not that easy to do so go ahead, sip and get active!


Tip #2: Invest in a new active wear by Niki Biki Sport 


To keep my fitness goals I've found that a little retail therapy doesn't hurt. So for those of you that are like me who are motivated by a new outfit, we now carry the Niki Biki sport line that will get your you-know-what in shape, without breaking the bank!


This new active wear line by Niki Biki is so comfortable, cute and fun! I compare the quality and feel to high end and expensive active wear lines. Most of the leggings, tanks, and bras are made from SORBTEK® fabric which provides permanent moisture management that catches moisture, moves it away and releases it for quick evaporation. The yarn is breathable, which leaves the wearer cool, dry and comfortable! As my co-worker Melissa would say the fabric and styles make me want to move! 


Tip #3: Find a Buddy 

 I live over by Bayard and am so lucky to have a gym in Bayard, IA can you belive that?  I didn't start going until last fall when I found a good friend who was on the same time schedule as me, and similar goals! I know I wouldn't be going as much if it wasn't for her. We motivate each other and hold each other accountable. We have so much more fun working out together, and it's nice to have someone to share workout plans, meal plans and progress. 


Tip #4: Reward yourself


Who doesn't love rewards? I have found that making small and more immediate rewards gives me something to look forward to, and am able to push through the extra 10 minutes at the gym.

I recently went to visit my sister in Iowa City, and we stayed up so late just catching up on each others lives. I couldn't believe we both got up early to hit the gym together (in my new Niki Biki workout outfit). On the way to the gym we said that afterwards we would treat ourselves with a latte! It was the best morning working out together, and knowing I could enjoy a latte afterwards was something to work for.


I encourage you to go grab a latte from Perk (I highly recommend the vanilla chai tea latte...skim milk of course) with someone whether it's your sister, mom or workout buddy!





Thanks for reading...

A new line of essential oils just arrived this week, and I can't wait for you to try these!




Stay Tuned! 

Ellen Tuel 






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