Wedding Registry Do's & Don'ts

March 10, 2016

Where to register...

Do:Register local where you and your husband grew up or are now living! It offers convience for your friends and family. When you register at Special Moments it is hassle free we do the work for you, offering suggestions, and we free gift wrap! Do research before you decide on where you are going to register, because different places offer unique benefits and offer different deals to newlyweds! At Special Moments you will receive a free gift to kickstart your wedding registry!  

Don't: Register at every place possible, be selective.When we first started to register it was hard to know where to begin, and became very overwhelming. I highly recommend to call ahead and make an appointment so that a consultant can help guide you through the process.  


When to register...

Do: Register as soon as possible after announcing your engagement, because your friends and family will want to give you gifts sooner than you think! We received our pots and pans 6 months before our wedding date!

(Josh proposed on Easter, April 20, 2014 with an Easter egg game! Total surprise!)


Don't: Don't register all at once. Depending on how long your engagement is I recommend to spread it out and enjoy adding things along the way! 


Who to register with...

Do: Make it a DATE and register with your man, since it is all about you two! The most repeated advice I get is to never stop dating. I had the most fun registering with Josh, however, I did register on my own too since his interest faded rather quickly! 

 Don't: Don't register with your pet... but don't forget to register for them! We did not have our dog, Mia, before we got married so we didn't register for any pet things. I do have a friend who did register for some things for their pet and they did get them! 



Share your Registries...

Do: Share where you are registered on all of your stationary (Save the Dates, Shower Invites, Wedding Invites and if you have a wedding website!) 


(Inivitations and decor by Emily Halstead at Juniper Lane Studio)  

Don't: Forget to put where your registered on all of your stationary! 


What to Register For...

Do: My advice is get the things you really want and need! Even if you already have the basic household items combined, don't stop yourself from looking at them because it's nice to have matching sets. All of our dishes and pans were mismatched which is fine, but when your building your registry this is the time to upgrade!


At Special Moments you will find great lines like Joseph Joseph, Nordic Ware, USA Pans, Prodyne, E-Cloth and many more great brands that are a must have on your registry! 





Don't: Go overboard on one specific item like I did! I really was looking forward to learning how to make pies, since we have an apple tree. After our wedding I ended up with over 6 different pie pans! Bring someone with you to control your little obsessions so you don't end up over registering for a particular item, or even better ask the experts on which one is the best! Now, I can't say I'm in expert in making pies, but I can say I know pie pans! My favorite out of all the one's I received is the Nordic Ware pie pan, and it comes with a lid! 


Planning a wedding is a lot of work, let the experts at Special Moments help make registering a piece of cake..or pie for you! 


Thanks for reading this week's post, and to our kitchen and entertaining lovers and brides-to-be our must-have Prodyne Spring & Summer Collection has JUST ARRIVED! 



Stay Tuned...

Ellen Tuel  















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