6 Steps to Healthy Glowing Skin

March 18, 2016


Winter weather can be hard on our skin with the cold winds and stuffy air. Just like the seasons change so does our skin which is why its important to adjust your skin care routine. 


Spring is arriving which means put away the blanket scarves and heavy sweaters and say hello to bright colors and lightweight tops! Just like trends change with the seasons so does your skin. Alice has always taught me that your skin is an organ and just like you need a drink of water so does your skin! Here are 6 steps to get your skin gorgeous and glowing this spring.






Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover  Ladies, I don't even have to tell you how amazing this eye makeup remover is if you've ever used it because it speaks for itself. This is our top selling product, and people buy it in bulk because they never want to run out! This 2-phase formula loosens then dissolves eyeliner and mascara even waterproof in just seconds without rubbing or tugging! 


Cleansing Water Makeup Remover is yes another step prior to cleansing, but just like we use special eye makeup remover this is to dissolve your makeup before you cleanse. Makes sense because then your cleanser can focus on your pores versus dissolving a lot of makeup. The cleansing water takes off the majority the makeup. (Tip: I love to use this with a q-tip to clean up my mistakes under eyes after applying mascara or eyeliner because it doesn't leave an oily residue)




We have a variety of cleansers to choose from depending on your skin type. Liquid, foaming, milky and gel cleansers are all designed to get rid of the day's impurties. Even if you don't wear makeup its so important to cleanse your pores for the day. 


Brilliant-C Cleanser is one of our favorites designed for all skin types. I love this cleanser because of the smell, and the fact that it contains brightening agents in it to help diminish the appearance for spots and discoloration! One more step closer to brighter skin! I highly recommend buying a little facial brush to use with the cleanser, it helps use less cleanser and mine sits right next to my tooth brush!





If you've ever had a facial, then you know what I mean when I say that your skin feels like it can breathe! This is how I feel every day after applying my toner. Toning finishes your cleansing routine and gets completely removes any traces of makeup or dirt left behind! Just like cleansers we have a variety of toners for all skin types.


Brilliant C Toner has is your second dose of brightening agents that help dimish the dark spots and discoloration. Totally leaves your skin looking and feeling fresh and more youthful which who doesn't want that? (Also smells like oranges!)





Scrubs, peels, and facial masks offer incredibly effective results. If you are like most, exfoliating is an easy step to skip, but this is an essential part to having good skin. There are two types of exfoliators, manual and chemical. I could go on and on about the differences in the exfoliators, which is why I will ask you to keep checking in each week on my blog to break down exfoliators!


Renew is a chemical exfoliator with enzymes that enhance skin's natural exfoliation process through out the day. There is a reason why we sell so much Renew it's because it feels good putting on in the morning, and leaves your skin super soft! Also it is designed for all skin types including those who struggle with rosacea and/or sensitive skin.




Are you tired, stressed or just can't seem to get rid of those under-eye bags and dark circles? Eye moisturizers are a must in my book, and it's never to early to start wearing an eye moisturizer. It's easier to prevent than to repair. If you are not using one, hop to it because it can change your look just like that! Around your eyes the skin is thin so they've designed moisturizers to target the thin skin. 


Wrinkle Smoother Eye is formulated with Argireline that helps smooth out and minimize the appearance of fine lines around the eyes caused by smiling and squinting. You'll love the feel and you'll see the difference! Hydrated eyes are the best!




Your face is your most visible feature, so give it the care it deserves by nourishing everyday with moisturizer.  We carry a variety of high-performance hydrators that are designed for all skin types.  


Wrinkle Smoother is a light-weight moisturizer designed for all skin types that is my absolute favorite! It's formulated with argireline, a hexapeptide that helps smooth out existing expression lines and assists in preventing new ones. Like I said before it's easier to prevent then to repair! 

What are your skin care concerns?

Your face, neck and hands are what can show your age it's never to earlier to start a good skin care regimen! Ask about our new anti-aging hand care line the next time you stop by!


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Stay Tuned,


Ellen Tuel 




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