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March 31, 2016



Right from the start I just want to let everyone know I do not have any children nor am I expecting! But at one time I was one (sometimes Josh still thinks I am) and I would have loved some of these new and exciting items that we have at Peek-A-Boo Corner located in Special Moments! 


In a small town like Carroll we don't have many options to choose from when it comes to finding the perfect baby or toddler gift. We have made it our goal this year to provide a nice range of unique and fresh quality products that make gift giving a whole lot easier! On our hunt we found a range of products from apparel to games, gifts, books, crafts, plush toys and more! 



 We predict eeBoo to be a perennial favorite for moms, grandmas and kids! eeBoo is a boutique toy manufacturer that specializes in useful, beautiful and well-made educational games and gifts. 


Growing up my thing was imagination so I had many Barbies and dolls! I also loved lincoln logs, dollhouses and legos...which is probably why I studied interior design in college. I think the lacing cards are great for children 5 and up because it's very hands on and a classic toy! Tot Towers toy is the winner of "Most Sellable" category  in Gift Shop Magazine. 



We also found these adorable saying onesies!! My favorite one is the "Home Brewed Baby" and I know just the person I'm going to give it to when they decide to pop out some babies! I also love the Happy Camper, this is a phrase my family always says! They are just all to cute!



Bibs have been so hard to find, but look no further because we have found great quality bibs from chin to sleeved! I can't imagine mom's not loving the sleeved bibs when their little one just starts to

learn to eat on their own. Total Coverage! 




Babiators are a must-have! They are safe, durable and just plain awesome sunglasses for babies and toddlers! Why we love them and why I give them as gifts is because lost or broken your pair of sunglasses are GUARANTEED! All you have to do is register your pair, and they will replace it lost or broken. 


If that wasn't enough to make you want to buy a pair of babiators for your little one or someone else's little one get this....

You do everything you can to keep your kids safe and healthy right? Helmets for bike riding, sunscreen for outdoor fun. But what about the sun's effects on your child's eyes? The truth is, children's retina mature as they do. That means their young eyes can't filter out UV radiation. Add to that the fact that children receive three times the annual sun exposure as adults. 

Babiators are 100% UVA and UVB protected and guaranteed... HOW AWESOME! They were on the Ellen Degeneres show too!



 Last, but certainly not least we don't want you to miss out on our new coloring books and color pencils! We have a wide selection of coloring books, but our favorite is Color With Mom, which allows you each to color together---Great mother's day gift for those of you who want to get a head start! 


Okay, talking about all of these adorable baby things is giving me baby fever! Next time you are shopping for a baby gift stop by our Peek-A-Boo Corner at Special Moments and check out what's new! We'll even free gift wrap for you!


Stay Tuned, 

Ellen Tuel 














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